Selected Reviews

  • ‘Ethics in organisation’, Public Administration Today, October-December 2005, p68-69
  • Review of Deborah Stone, Policy paradox: the art of political decision-making, AJPA, 57:3, September 1998, p 136
  • Review of P.Ewer (ed) For the common good: public sector research and development, Prometheus, 15:3, December 1997, p.413
  • Review of John Uhr and Keith Mackay (eds), Evaluating policy advice: learning from Commonwealth experience, Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration, no.81, October 1996, pp39-41
  • Review of ‘Public goods, public enterprise, public choice’, (Hugh Stretton and Lionel Orchard), Quadrant, July-August 1995
  • Review of ‘A defence of economic rationalism’ James, Jones and Norton (eds) and King and Lloyd (eds) ‘Economic rationalism: dead end or way forward?’, Quadrant, November-December 1993
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