Keynote Addresses

  • ‘Organisational renewal’, Address to IPAA National Conference, Canberra. November 2004
  • ‘The practice of leadership’ Keynote address to Annual Conference of Twynam Agricultural Company, Sydney, 8 November 2004
  • ‘Plain English’ Keynote address to Local Government Chief Officers’ Group Conference, McLaren Vale, South Australia, November 2004
  • ‘Dealing with bureaucracy’ Keynote speech to ACROD CEOs conference, Canberra, May 2003
  • ‘Leadership and innovation’ Keynote speech Public International Public Works Conference, Perth, August 2001 ‘The world of blah’, Keynote address to the 27th National Congress of the Royal Australian Planning Institute, Darwin, September 1999 ‘Using consultants for policy advice’, Address to IQPC Conference on Performance Measures for Policy Advice, April 1999
  • ‘Outsourcing and the APS’, Address to Security in Government 1997 Conference
  • ‘The new Public Service Act and what it means’, Address to the Regional Heads of Departments conference, Darwin, May 1997
  • ‘Administrative law in the age of the contract’, Address to the Australian Institute of Administrative Law Annual Conference, Canberra, May 1997
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